studybays me – Jill Vialet, who served as the second function, arrived at during a large break and witnessed a brawl involving three students.

Sticking to patterns, duplication algorithms, reproducing knowledge develops other structures than creative approach and use of knowledge to solve problems. The declarations of the school is to serve the development of individual students, but existing mechanisms completely prevent it. The reason is rigid and overloaded core curriculum and evaluation system of knowledge. This is another example loop system. When in 1989 started working on the reform of the school, the declared objective was to create a flexible and open system. However, it soon turned out that the so-called. „Minimum program“ further enriched by specialists of „essential“ details, quickly turned into an unrealistically extended maximum. In this way, the next reform of the Polish educational system turned to his przeciwnieństwo.

Open and flexible foundation of the program proved to be even more rigid and restrictive than criticized programs from the socialist era. So acute for teachers inconsistency of the current system reveals not only that declares what else and what else needs, but also that they do not know what is really good. The problem appears in the teacher education. Students methodical seminars they learn that lessons should develop students‘ autonomy and creativity, then they are taught writing lesson plans, in which every minute they have to plan what the students will do and what they will say. Many people of this contradiction seems not to notice.

The postulated individualization of teaching and developing the creativity and autonomy require flexibility of the program and a certain amount of freedom. Continue reading